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Welcome to our HR website

over 2 years ago

The mission of the Division of Human Resources is to recruit, support, and retain the highest performing employees committed to the success and academic achievement of all students and the goals of the Lumpkin County School System.


Lumpkin County School System participates in E-Verify.  E-Verify Identification # 93763;  Authorization Date: January 24, 2008

Human Resources Staff
Employment Application - SearchSoft
If you have any questions regarding your application (password, e-mail address, etc) please contact SEARCHSOFT 1-800-977-6735.

State Salary Schedule

about 1 year ago

The State Salary Schedule - 

For 10 Months Employment

Click on the following link for the salary schedule: Salary Schedule

The Salary Schedule is based on 190 days.

Lumpkin County School System Salary will be based on 190 days plus a 5% Local Supplement.

Code of Ethics/Fraud

over 2 years ago

As employees of Lumpkin County School System, parents and the community entrust to us their children who are the future of our community and nation. It is our responsibility to serve as positive role models for our students.

Certified Code of Ethics (Teachers, Administrators, Counselors, SLPs, Paraprofessionals....)

Certified Code of Ethics - Download

All certified employees are guided and bound by the Code of Ethics promulgated by the Professional Standards Commission (PSC). All certified employees are responsible for abiding by the Code of Ethics. Ethics violations are reportable to the PSC and subject to disciplinary action by the Commission. Because paraprofessionals are issued certificates by PSC, the Certified Code of Ethics also applies to them. To access the Certified Code of Ethics, click on the link under Related Documents.

Classified Code of Ethics (Nurses, Secretaries, Bookkeepers, SNP employees, Bus Drivers, Custodians, Maintenance...)

All classified employees are guided and bound by the Classified Code of Conduct that has been adopted and approved by the Lumpkin County Board of Education. Violations of the Code of Ethics are subject to disciplinary action. To access the Classified Code of Ethics, click on the link under Related Documents.

Classified Code of Ethics - Download

Family Medical Leave

over 2 years ago

The Family Medical Leave Act allows employees to take up to 12-weeks of protected leave for one of the following reasons:

  • Personal illness
  • Illness of spouse, parent, or child
  • Birth of a child
  • Adoption or foster parent placement of a child
  • Military caregiver leave
  • Qualifying emergency

Only employees who have been employed by the school system for at least 12 months and have worked 1,250 hours during that time period are eligible for FMLA.  It's possible that part-time employees such as lunchroom workers and bus drivers would not be eligible.  If you're not sure if you are eligible, contact HR for this information.  Employees who are not eligible for FMLA but want to request a long-term leave of absence should fill out a Request for Long-Term Leave form and send to HR.

FMLA time is unpaid, but employees may use their accumulated sick days if their doctor authorizes the leave as sick time. 

If you are going to be out more than 10 days, you should fill out a Family Medical Leave Request Form.  When possible, 30 days advance notice should be given.  If an emergency arises, you should notify your supervisor as soon as possible, and the leave request should be made at that time.

FMLA requests should be sent to HR.  Additional paperwork will be sent to you for your doctor to complete.

While out on FMLA leave, you should stay in contact with your principal/supervisor at least every 30 days with updates regarding the status of recovery. 

For FMLA forms, go to the following link:  FMLA