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Director of Special Education: Beth Grindle

Special Education Coordinator/Compliance: Vikki Abercrombie

Administrative Assistants for Special Education: Judy Kipfmiller  and Sue Armstrong

School Psychologist: Donna Hickey
Our department serves over 500 students with disabilities district-wide and includes  39 certified special education teachers and 40 paraprofessionals. 
Lead Teachers for Special Education are responsible for disseminating information to other special education staff in their buildings, assist with placing new students, and serve as the school level LEA (Local Education Agency) for IEP meetings, coordinate screenings, and help with the determination of professional development plans.  
Blackburn Elementary School: Lisa Fitts
Long Branch Elementary School: Laura Stanton
Lumpkin County Elementary: Amanda Warren
Lumpkin County Middle School: Ron Swistek
Lumpkin County High School: Radford Windham

Phone: 706-864-3611

Fax: 706-864-0468


Our mission is to work hand in hand to Lead all Children to Success.
"It all begins with me."


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Preschool Special Education is a program designed to serve children ages 3-5 who exhibit Significant Developmental Delay (SDD) in at least one of five developmental areas. The five areas are: communication, cognition, social/emotional development, physical delays, and adaptive development. Placement options may include: preschool facility-based intervention programs, Head Start, and prekindergarten private programs. Eligibility for these programs is determined through a formal evaluation which includes parent interview, observation, and standardized evaluation instruments and an Individualized Education Plan written if appropriate. 


 Services include:

·Preschool Special Education

·Speech and Language

·Physical Therapy

·Occupational Therapy

·Support Services for parents and all care providers

 Special Education Services are:

·Center-Based-Head Start and Pre K Facility

·Home-Based if needed

·Community-Based Private Preschool or state-funded Pre K classrooms in local daycare centers

Head Start and Pre K

 •Services identified 3 and 4 year olds
•Identification is based on highest needs in the community
•Paid for through federal funds via Ninth District Opportunity and federal pre school grants
•Currently 3 classrooms •Serves Special Needs students –Partnership classrooms 

Pre K Special Needs
•Services identified 4 year olds only •Identification is based on highest needs in the community 
 •Currently 2 classes •Serves Special Needs students –Lottery Funded Pre K
•Services 4 year olds only
 •Identification is based on first come first serve (any income bracket)
•Funded only by state 


Parent Mentor

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Welcome Parents!

Barbara Bosanko is Lumpkin County Schools Parent Mentor through a grant for the Georgia Parent Mentor Partnership. With about 90 parent mentors around the state, parents of students who receive special education services have a lot of support!

Every parent mentor must be the parent of a child who receives special education services. I am here to help!

Some ways Barbara Bosanko can help:

  • Attending IEP (Individual Education Plan) or school conference meetings as a support person
  • Helping parents find parenting and disability-specific resources in and outside of school
  • Trainings and special events
  • Someone to listen who knows what it is like to have a child in special education

Barbara Bosanko is in the Lumpkin County School System Central Office located at 56 Indian Drive, Dahlonega GA 30533  Call 706-889-7747 or email

Want to know more about Parent Mentors? You will find lots of resources and information about special education there as well.  Go to

History of the Parent Mentor Partnership

The Parent Mentor Partnership was founded in 2002 when six school districts partnered with the Georgia Department of Education Division for Special Education Services and Supports to hire parent mentors to infuse family engagement into school and district activities. The mentors, who would serve as members of their special education leadership teams, were funded partially by the GADOE and partially by the school district. Mentors were responsible for providing information to parents of students with disabilities to assist them in navigating the special education system and in identifying activities that could help improve outcomes for their children. They also supported teachers and administrators in planning and implementing activities that would support family involvement.

Modeled after the Ohio Parent Mentor Program and led by the GaDOE Special Education Family Engagement Specialist, the Georgia Parent Mentor Partnership quickly became a model for families and schools working together to improve outcomes for students with disabilities. Today, the Partnership has grown to include over 100 parent mentors who partner with special education directors in over 90 school districts to embed family engagement into school and district initiatives.

All About Disabilities

Child Find

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Child Find Notice

In accordance with IDEA regulations, the Lumpkin County School system seeks to ensure that all disabled students (ages 3-21) who are in need of special education within its jurisdiction are identified, located, and evaluated, including those attending private school and home school.  Final identification of students with disabilities and programming for such students occurs only after an appropriate evaluation and a determination by a Placement Team.  Once it is determined a student is in need of special education services they may receive these services through the end of the semester in which they turn 22 years of age. If the "child find" process indicates that a student may require special education and supportive services in order to benefit from regular education, the student shall be referred to the Placement Team to determine the student's eligibility for special education services.  If you know a child with a disability that is not being served, please notify:


   Special Education

Beth Grindle

Special Education DOE Information

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The following link will take you to the Department of Education Website.

Special Education Services and Supports

Parent Survey

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