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Joyce Krinsky - 1.770.395.4706


Contact: 770.818.0700


Contact: 706.867.5454


Contact: 770.534.1999


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If you have any questions regarding your application (password, e-mail address, etc) please contact Searchsoft 1-800-977-6735.


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Employee Self Serve Link



To access your Payroll Notice in Softdocs:


2.     Employee Portal

3.     Employee Self Serve

USERNAME:  First Initial and Last Name as one word, lower case (ex. mpierce)

PASSWORD:  Same as user name +last 4 SSN *(first time login only)

SSN:  Last four SSN

Click –Submit

*You will be prompted to change your password.  Please change it to something you

can remember.  If it asks for an email address and you do not have one, please enter

the default email


To View Your Payroll (2 drawer filing cabinet):

Payroll Direct Deposit = Direct Deposit Notifications

Payroll Check Stubs = Payroll Checks

W-2’s  (Will be available when run in January of each year)


 Library of Forms (bookshelf with books):

Only use the forms below IF changes need to be made

Demographic Change (Name, Address, and phone #)

Direct Deposit Authorization 

G4 – Georgia Tax Witholding Form

W4- Federal Tax Witholding Form


Type in changes and click  SEND


Be sure to LOGOUT (beside your name) when finished.


If you have trouble logging on, please contact

Marisa Pierce  at 706-864-3611, ext.10117 or

e-mail me at


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The Human Resources Department processes all certification documents for new hires and current faculty as well as renewals and conversions of certifications.


Educators Resources

Georgia Professional Standards Commisson (PSC)                                                                     



Georgia Assessment for the Certification of Educators (GACE)                                                      



Georgia PSC Information:

Certification Information

For “New Employees” with Lumpkin County in a teaching/administrative position, please submit the following with your employment application:

·       PSC Application

·       ALL Official Transcripts

·       NTE/GACE Test Scores

·       Out-of-State Professional Certificates

.       Verification of Lawful Presence Documentation (may not be required if previously submitted).


Certified employees of the Lumpkin County School District are required to hold a valid Georgia teaching certificate issued by the Professional Standards Commission (PSC). The Lumpkin County School System does not employ teachers who are not fully certified and in-field prior to employment.

Click here to obtain a PSC application.

Complete all 3 pages of the PSC application in black ink with specific attention given to educational background.

The PSC will not process your application without an official transcript.

Once you are an employee of the Lumpkin County School District (including new hires), the $20 fee will be exempted for you on initial certification transactions. However, any future conditional certificate fees must be paid by the LCSS employee by money order or cashier’s check made payable to The State of Georgia or the fee may be submitted online at the website.

Page 3 of the PSC application is the Personal Affirmation section. Failure to complete ALL of this block will result in your application being returned unprocessed.

The GACE (Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators) replaced the Praxis II exams on September 1, 2006.  Information about the GACE tests can be found at

Your certificate or letter of requirement(s) will be sent electronically from the PSC and a copy forwarded to the Lumpkin County School District for your personnel file.  All certified educators (teachers, paraprofessionals and support) must have a MyPSC account.  Website:  to create your account.

It is critical that you complete your certification requirements at the earliest opportunity.


Renewal for current Lumpkin County School District Employees

Applications for renewal of certifications will be accepted in January of the year of expiration.

The State of Georgia mandates that professional teaching certificates be renewed every five years with either 10 professional development units (PLUs) or six-semester hours of college credit or a combination of the two. These credits must be accrued during the validity period of the certificate to be renewed. For example, if your certificate is valid July 1, 2011, through June 30, 2016, credits must have been earned between those dates to count toward certificate renewal.

Applications for renewal of certifications will be accepted in January of the year of expiration.


Paraprofessional Certification Information

All Georgia Paraprofessionals must hold a valid state license issued by the Professional Standards Commission.

Certification Requirements for Georgia Paraprofessionals:

  • Employed as a paraprofessional in a Georgia School System
  • Hold at least an associate's degree;  or
  • have completed two years of college coursework (60 semester hours); or
  • have passed the GACE Paraprofessional Assessment.  

GACE Pararprofessional Assessment - Please contact Pioneer Regional Education Agency (RESA) :  

                                                                                    Telephone number:  706-865-2141



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Fingerprinting Dates for the 2017-2018 School Year

Below are the new fingerprinting dates for this school year.   Please submit the FP Consent form to the receptionist at the Central Office  at least 7 days prior to the fingerprinting date. 

Cost:  $48.00 (Check only)

Location:  Lumpkin County Schools Central Office

March 21, 2018 - Time 10:00

May 15, 2018 - Time 10:00


Please note:  Dates and cost are subject to change.


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~ Instructions for Staff  & Substitutes

Step One:

Step Two: Click on the State in which you work

Step Three: Click on the following modules and complete one at a time:

                            Ethical Use of Social Media

                            Suicide Awareness and Prevention

                            Bloodborne Pathogens

                            Sexual Misconduct Reporting

                            Code of Ethics

                            Mandated Reporting


                            Employee Handbook - Under Custom Modules 

                                                                     Lumpkin County


Step Four:          Your Username is:  Lumpkin County

                              Your Password is:   ruler   


(These are your username and password into any module you take.)

 Step Five:  Complete the training and assessment requested. (Modules are usually about 20 minutes long.)

 Step Six:  When you have successfully completed a module, it will ask you to select your system’s name and then login again. This last username and password will allow you to successfully register, thus creating a legal record that you have taken the training. You will also have the option to enter your email address to receive a confirmation email.

              Your system registration username is:    Lumpkin County

              Your system registration password is:     ruler


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To log in to the absence management system click below:

Absence Management (AESOP) links: 




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TKES/LKES is the Evaluation System for teachers and leaders in Lumpkin County Schools.

Click here to log in to the Performance Matters Platform