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~ Instructions for Staff  & Substitutes

Step One:

Step Two: Click on the State in which you work

Step Three: Click on the following modules and complete one at a time:

                            Ethical Use of Social Media

                            Suicide Awareness and Prevention

                            Bloodborne Pathogens

                            Sexual Misconduct Reporting

                            Code of Ethics

                            Mandated Reporting


                            Employee Handbook - Under Custom Modules 

                                                                     Lumpkin County


Step Four:          Your Username is:  Lumpkin County

                              Your Password is:   ruler   


(These are your username and password into any module you take.)

 Step Five:  Complete the training and assessment requested. (Modules are usually about 20 minutes long.)

 Step Six:  When you have successfully completed a module, it will ask you to select your system’s name and then login again. This last username and password will allow you to successfully register, thus creating a legal record that you have taken the training. You will also have the option to enter your email address to receive a confirmation email.

              Your system registration username is:    Lumpkin County

              Your system registration password is:     ruler

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