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State Health Benefit Plan


                                                  State Health Benefit Plan 


         Click the Link above for open enrollment and new Enrollments (Click register Here).
           Use registration Code: SHBP-GA

                    2018 DECISION GUIDE

                    2018 RATES FOR ACTIVE EMPLOYEES
              2018 SHBP PLAN DOCUMENTS

                   2017 DECISION GUIDE  

                   2017 OPEN ENROLLMENT BENEFIT FAIR SCHEDULE                          



                    Phone No.  1.800.610.1863


       Power Point on Changing E-Mail Address for State Health Website   

           Informational Website:


               ****Don't Forget to Earn Your Wellness Credits*****

               Wellness Program Administrator:          

        Please note:  The prices that are shown on the SHBP site are the cost amounts for a certified employee. Non-Certified employees will need to subtract the $70.00 that the County pays toward their insurance. 


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