Where Learning Builds Exceptional Students


LBES’s mission is to love and educate the whole child.


  • Students will be provided with enriching experiences that are necessary to become productive citizens.
  • Reading is the foundation for success in all subjects.
  • Students will show appropriate behavior as outlined by the “Code of the Braves”.
  • Students will be provided with opportunities where they can develop appropriate decision-making skills.
  • Students will interact with technology to enhance learning experiences.
  • Students will be provided with resources and experiences that address the needs of all learning styles.
  • The education of students is a shared responsibility of the students, educators, parents, and the community.
  • Students will develop a broader understanding through exposure to diverse cultures.
  • Students should be provided a safe and nurturing environment to enhance the learning process.
  • Continuous professional growth, teamwork, and grade level collaboration are essential in providing quality instruction to students.
  • Attendance is expected and monitored in order for students to reach their greatest academic potential.