Human Resources FAQs

How do I apply for a job?

You must submit a complete application and provide all of the necessary supporting documentation. Your application will be on file; however, if you wish to apply for a specific job that is posted, you must go indicate so in your application. This may be done any time a desired position is posted.

I put the wrong information down for one of my references and the program will not allow me to edit the information. What should I do?

Once you have entered a reference you may not edit it; however, if for instance you put the wrong email address for your reference, you may go in and add that reference a second time with the correct information.

I am trying to upload an attachment to my application and the program won’t let me because the file is too large.

Attachments are limited to 1 megabyte each. A resolution of 75-150 is adequate. You may need to adjust the resolution of your scanned image.

What happens after I submit my application? What is the status of my application?

Your application will be screened by the principal for qualifications for the position applied for. References will be checked on selected applicants. 

The principal uses a panel to review the applications and schedules interviews. 

Will I be contacted for a job interview?

Unfortunately, due to the number of applications received, only selected applicants will be contacted for an interview. Please make sure your application is complete and all supporting documents are attached.

I submitted an application, but have not yet heard back. Who should I contact?

All inquiries should be directed to the HR Department.

How frequently do you update the job postings?

Job postings are updated as new positions become available or when positions are filled.

Do jobs remain posted after the position has been filled?

Positions will remain posted until a candidate is recommended for the position.

Can I apply for more than one job?

You may apply for any position for which you meet the minimum qualifications.


Is an Educator certificate required in Georgia?

Yes, any professional serving in a public school must hold a current valid certificate appropriate to the field of employment. All cerficate fields are classifed as paraprofessional, teacher, service, or leadership and are issued by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission.

How do I qualify for a professional certificate in Georgia?

Professional certification is based upon completion of a college’s state-approved certification program in a field for which Georgia certifies or upon professional certification from another state, U.S. territory, District of Columbia, Department of Defense Dependents Schools (DODDS) or the National Board for Professional TEaching Standards (NBPTS).

Certain Georgia requirements (Identification of Exceptional Children, Computer Competency, Recency of Study, appropriate assessments in the content areas of certification) may also be necessary.

What tests do I need to obtain a Georgia certificate?

Applicants must take and pass the GACE Basic Skills Assessment and the GACE Content Assessment appropriate to the certification field.

Do I have to take Georgia’s required test or can I substitue a test taken for an out-of-state certificate?

If you are currently or have been certified in another state and passed a content-knowledge assessment required for certification in the state of certification, this test may be accepted in lieu of the GACE. For consideration, you must submit to GAPSC a copy (front & back) of any certificates/licenses you hold or held, and a copy of score reports for any assessments you have passed. If score reports are unavailable, attach documentation from the state’s certifying authority to verify that you have passed the required content assessments for professional cerification in that state.

The appropriate Specialty Test(s) of the NTE can be accepted only if it was taken to qualify for out-of-state certification as a content knowledge test. The NTE Core Battery is not acceptable toward the content knowledge assessment.

How long is a Georgia professional certificate valid?

A Georgia certificate is typically valid for five years.

I do not have a teaching certificate, but I do have a bachelor’s degree. What do I need to do to get certified to teach in Georgia?

Information regarding obtaining a teaching certificate may be found on the Georgia Professional Standards Commission website, www.gapsc.com. A person must typically affiliate with a local college or university or enroll in an alternative preparation program.


Will I be given any credit for previous experience outside of the school system?

LCSS awards credit for previous experience in the same job or experience that is directly related to the LCSS job. All previous experience must be verfified on the appropriate LCSS form by the former employer and must meet certain requirements as to length of day and days employed per year.

Prior experience not notated on the job application at the time of hire will not be considered. All experience for certified employees must meet the criteria established by the Georgia Department of Education.

How can I find out how much I will be paid?

HR will provide a tentative rate of pay pending verification of experience. All employees are placed on the base salary schedule for their position until all experience is verified.

How often are employees paid?

LCSS employees are paid once a month. Checks are issued on the last business day of the month.