For the 2016 Fiscal Year, each of our Title I schools have been classified as follows:

  • Blackburn Elementary School – High Progress
  • Long Branch Elementary School – Highest Performing
  • Lumpkin County Elementary School – High Progress
  • Lumpkin County Middle School – Title I Schoolwide School

Title I Reward Schools

The Title I Reward Schools Program recognizes and honors two categories of Reward Schools: Highest-Performing Reward Schools and High-Progress Reward Schools.

Highest-Performing Reward School 

Based on the definition of Reward Schools found in the ESEA Flexibility waiver, the Highest-Performing Reward Schools that are among the highest 5-percent of the Title I schools in the state. Calculations to identify these schools are based on the achievement of the “all students” group in terms of proficiency on the statewide assessments that are part the SEA’s differentiated recognition, accountability, and support system. Highest-Performing Reward Schools are identified annually.

State assessment data are utilized for calculating the Content Mastery indicators on the CCRPI. The Meets and Exceeds rate is calculated for each subject assessment. Points are awarded based on the indicator’s Meets and Exceeds rate. The Content Mastery category performance, a decimal value, represents an aggregate Meets and Exceeds rate for all subject assessments.

The list is attached below. It includes BES, LBES, and LCES.

Title I Reward Schools