Flexible Benefits Open Enrollment in Late November

Open Enrollment for your State Health Benefits Plan is October 18-November 5, 2021. This is for your health insurance only. Flexible Benefits Open Enrollment (dental, vision, accident, life, etc.) will be completed for LCSS employees later this fall.

If you are happy with your current health insurance coverage and selection, you DO NOT have to login to the SHBP portal this year. If you do not login to the SHPB portal and make a new selection or changes, your current coverage will continue for FY22.

Skip the Phones! If you need help making your health insurance selection this year, this link will take you to step-by-step instructions on making your selections in the SHBP Enrollment Portal. In fact, rather than having to call State Health, a customer service representative can walk you through the process virtually within the portal!

Open Enrollment

(Dates: October 18-November 5, 2021)

SHBP Information Guide: FY22 State Health Benefits Plan Decision Guide

SHBP Active Member Rates: FY22 Comparison Chart

SHBP Enrollment Portal: State Health FY22 Open Enrollment Portal

SHBP Customer Service Phone Number: 800.610.1863

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