REACH Scholar Program

The Realizing Educational Achievement Can Happen (REACH) Georgia Program is a needs-based scholarship designed to promote academic success and expand access to higher education. As a part of the program, students sign contracts to maintain a certain grade point average and to also meet with a volunteer mentor and academic coach until they graduate from high school. Parents or guardians sign contracts to support their child through this process. When these scholars graduate from high school, they will receive up to a $10,000 scholarship - $2,500 each year for up to four years to be used at a HOPE-eligible Georgia two or four-year college or Georgia Technical School. Many colleges are matching this scholarship and some are double matching the scholarship, thus providing additional financial support for their college education. 


The REACH Scholarship program is a public/private partnership with some of the funding from the state level, while the remainder is contributed by local community support. Lumpkin County School is seeking additional business partners for the program. If interested, please contact REACH Coordinator, Kerri Whitmire at or at 706.864.3611, ext 10119.

Thank you to our current REACH sponsors!


Cohort 2022

Kelsey Marshall

Kelsey Marshall loves spending time with her friends, and her favorite subject in school is math. Kelsey’s favorite pastime is playing softball. Upon graduation, she hopes to attend college and major in education to become a math teacher.

Dallas Shires

Dallas Shires understands that learning new things in school and obtaining a good education will lead to better employment opportunities. Dallas’ extracurricular activities include boxing and playing the guitar. His future goals include attending a four year college and pursuing an engineering degree. 

Cohort 2023

Sarah Major Perry

Sarah Perry Major enjoys getting to hang out with her friends at school. Sarah’s favorite subject in school is math. When she isn’t in school, she is often busy hiking and participating in pageants. Sarah’s future plans include attending a technical school and earning a cosmetology degree and opening her own salon.

Jason Pruitt

Jason Pruitt enjoys learning new things and school and his favorite subject is English. Jason is involved with the Tech Club and Theatre at LCHS. Jason also works when he isn’t in school. He hopes to attend a post secondary school and major in computer science and programming. 

Karen Quiroz

Karen Quiroz’s favorite subject in school is government. While at school she enjoys getting to meet and know new people. She participates in Raider’s Conditioning. When she isn’t in school, she enjoys playing soccer, painting and reading. Karen’s future goal is to attend tech school and major in graphic design.

Cameron Stringer

Cameron Stringer likes to play football and run track. He also enjoys spending  time with his friends. His favorite subject in school is social studies. Upon graduation, he hopes to attend Clemson University and major in sports medicine.

Cohort 2024

Ashlei Anderson

Ashlei Anderson enjoys her time at school in her ELA and science class. Her favorite time of the day is getting to go to her music tech class. Ashlei’s outside school interests include anything music related, wildlife and performing arts. Upon graduating from high school, she hopes to attend a four-year college and find a career path  either with nursing, performance or culinary arts that will provide her with a good living.

Matthew Beck

Matthew Beck favorite subjects in school are math, science and history. He enjoys getting to learn new things at school with his friends. During his free time, he likes playing soccer and tennis. Matthew’s future goal is to attend medical school and become a neurologist.

Kandon Boyd

Kandon Boyd loves math, French and science. Kandon enjoys spending time with her friends and seeing everyone at school. Kandon is on the cheer team, and while outside of school she loves horseback riding. Upon graduation, she hopes to attend Emory University and become a surgeon.

Jannelith Hernandez

Jannelith Hernandez enjoys spending time with her friends at school. Her favorite subject is history. Jannelith likes to play soccer and softball outside of school, and she likes to hang out with her family and friends.  Upon graduation, Jannelith plans to attend SCAD to pursue a career in acting.

Ashlyn Housman

Ashlyn Housman’s favorite subject in school is history. In her pastime she enjoys reading and spending time with her friends. Ashlyn’s future plans are to attend college and major in education and become a history teacher or an elementary school teacher. 

Sheridan Pruitt

Sheridan Pruitt enjoys her time at the high school especially during her history and fine arts classes. She likes to spend time with her friends and meeting new people at school each year. Sheridan is also a member of the Lumpkin County Band of Gold. At this time she is undecided on her future college plans.

Cohort 2025

Alyssa Allison

Alyssa Allison enjoys learning new things especially in science class, and spending time with her friends. At school she is involved with FFA,  volleyball, track and field and manages the basketball team. When not at school, she can be found volunteering at the local library. When she graduates from high school, she would like to attend college at Georgia Tech and become a Cytologist. 

Leah Eversole

Leah Eversole favorite subject in school is English Language Arts. Leah is involved with drama and chorus at school, and loves hanging out with her friends at break. Leah enjoys cooking and gardening when she is not in school. Upon graduation, Leah plans to attend law school and become a lawyer. 

Hailey Wehunt

Hailey Wehunt's favorite subject is English. She also enjoys getting to participate in 4H and horseback riding. When she graduates from high school, she hopes to go to college in Colorado and become a livestock veterinarian

Cohort 2026

REACH 2026