LC BOE Members for 2022-2023

The week of March 13-17, 2023 has been proclaimed School Board Appreciation Week in Georgia. This weeklong observance calls attention to the contributions of local boards of education.

The voters of Lumpkin County elect school board members to represent the community's best interest in educational matters. Once elected, school board members are responsible for setting educational policies, providing financial oversight and guidance, and approving the hiring of staff as recommended by the superintendent.

Our school board members in Lumpkin County spend countless hours fulfilling their responsibilities. In addition to attending board work sessions, board meetings, and required board trainings each year, you will often see these individuals at school functions supporting our students. In just the past two weeks, I have personally seen school board members in attendance at numerous events in which they weren't required to attend. They give their time, they often give their money, and they certainly provide wisdom and guidance for our school system to thrive.

The five people serving as our board of education are advocates first and foremost for the students in our schools, and they are also advocates for the hundreds of educators who work in our schools. They establish expectations for Lumpkin County to continue providing high quality public schools for this community and they continue to seek what is best for our students in their actions and decision making. They don't work for personal gain; they simply work to make this community better by ensuring that our students have the best education possible. This board understands that communities thrive with great schools and we indeed have great schools in Lumpkin County.

Please join me as we celebrate the work of these selfless individuals - our Lumpkin County Board of Education.