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From GaDOE Press Release: “The Georgia Department of Education’s Office of Rural Education & Innovation is announcing its first round of initiatives to support rural schools and districts, including funding to expand internet connectivity, promote workforce development, support the development of literacy/foundational skills, and combat non-academic barriers to learning.”

From those four grant initiatives, Lumpkin County Schools was one of only two districts in the state to receive three of the four grants from the Office of Rural Education & Innovation.

Receiving the maximum amount possible, Lumpkin County High School was awarded $100,000 to outfit one of the current CTAE labs with state-of-the-art equipment allowing students to receive hands-on, industry-standard instruction in career pathways.

Additionally, GaDOE announced today that Lumpkin County is one of the twenty-two school districts to receive a grant to support the implementation of district-wide literacy plans, with LCSS receiving $855,091 for this initiative.

Lastly, with only four school districts receiving a $10,000 grant each to help with the planning and development of a school-based clinic, the final grant award announcement brings the total amount of grants announced today for Lumpkin County to $965,091.

Dr. Rob Brown expressed his gratitude to the LCSS educators for their work on these grant applications: “A special thank you to each of you who had a hand in submitting these grant requests!  This is almost a million dollars of additional funds to support the students in Lumpkin County!”