Dathan Harbert & Rob Brown

Partner in Education
November 2021

This month’s Partner in Education award is being presented to Dathan Harbert, a Dahlonega/Lumpkin County community member. 

Our Partner in Education program here in Lumpkin County welcomes the involvement of all of our stakeholders (students, faculty, staff, parents, and community). A partnership is a mutually agreed upon arrangement where both the school and the business, individual or organization is intended to benefit our schools, our students, our faculty, staff and families.

Dathan’s dedication and commitment to our community is admirable, and our school system is a benefactor of his servant’s heart.  When Dathan heard about the Aim-Achieve-Arrive Center at LCHS, he coordinated a donation to support its efforts from the Gold Rush Days Festival board.  As the treasurer of Gold Rush Days Festival, Inc., (formerly Dahlonega Jaycees), Dathan and his fellow board members work tirelessly to put on the annual Gold Rush Festival, with all proceeds going back to our community in the form of scholarships for graduating seniors, Christmas gifts for families in need, and more.  In addition to his support of our school district through his work with Gold Rush Days Festival, Inc., Dathan is also a LC Family Connections mentor to a student at Blackburn Elementary School.  When he’s not volunteering his time for various organizations and causes in our community, Dathan can be found at Consolidated Gold Mines as the general manager.  When our team was on the hunt to purchase 50 weathered gold pans earlier this school year for an event, not only did Dathan find 20 gold pans to meet our need, but he donated them to us and physically delivered them to our front door within an hour of receiving my email.

Thank you, Dathan, for your dedication to the Lumpkin County School District. We appreciate your partnership, and we look forward to working with you for many years to come.