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SkillsUSA and home improvement retailer Lowe’s teamed up on a new grant program to support SkillsUSA programs in career and technical education classrooms across the nation. The $250,000 grant from Lowe’s provides up to 20 eligible chapters with up to $15,000 each to update classroom equipment. Lumpkin County applied for the maximum award and received notification last week that we received the full amount.

"This is the second competitive grant in the last month we've received to upgrade the equipment in our Carpentry Lab at LCHS. Mr. Bearinger continues to be instrumental in providing a first-class education and experience to his students through his partnerships with Habitat for Humanity and others. Now with a total of $75,000 in grant funds specifically awarded for equipment for our carpentry program at LCHS, our students will be walking into a lab of new, industry-standard equipment by the end of this school year. When you couple these advancements  we are implementing now with what is to come with the opening of the LC College and Career Academy in August 2023, we are continuing to provide the very best preparation for our students in this community. These are exciting times for Lumpkin County!"
~Jason Lemley, Director of Community Engagement & CTAE