UNG Nursing Program

This month’s Partner in Education recognition is presented to the University of North Georgia (UNG) Nursing Program represented by program instructor, Ms. Lynda Kinder.

Our Partner in Education program here in Lumpkin County welcomes the involvement of all of our stakeholders (students, faculty, staff, parents, and community).  A partnership is a mutually agreed upon arrangement where both the school and the business, individual or organization is intended to benefit our schools, our students, our faculty, staff and families.

For many years now, our schools have benefitted from the partnership with the UNG Nursing Program and the placement of their nursing students in our five clinics across the district. Most recently, with the recent resignation of one of our nurses, our school district was able to continue offering full clinic services at all five of our schools thanks in part to Ms. Kinder and her students filling in where needed. On a particularly busy day last week, in fact, Nurse Kinder and her nursing students didn’t skip a beat as they ran the LCHS clinic while other personnel were pulled for Adulting Day. It’s partnerships like this one—LCSS with the extra skilled staff and UNG with a placement providing on-the-job training and learning to future nurses—where both organizations benefit equally!

Thank you, Nurse Kinder and your students, for your dedication to the Lumpkin County School District.  We appreciate your partnership, and we look forward to working with you for many years to come.